Keyboard set to wrong layout

Last I checked, it is because CE and LE on ARM don’t have Xorg, which allows the user to configure keyboard input. There’s no solution at this point.

Just chiming in to say that I have the same issue.

Same issue here - Rii mini i8 Wireless Keyboard worked like a charm on LE - please fix this

This can’t be fixed. At least not for a while.

So I take it Kszaq’s LE images used Xorg then? Because I remember having no problem at all with those. Too bad this regression in my opinion. Will have to wait I guess.

When I tested it on Kszaq images, it didn’t work for me. Not sure what\how you did it.

Tried it just now on wrxtasy’s build over at LE, to make sure I didn’t wrongly remember it working. I can confirm the keyboard is correctly set for azerty in settings and in actuality. Without doing anything special. There you go, works in Krypton.

I can confirm the kszaq LE build was working correctly on my S905X box without the need to tweak some settings.

We need to keep in mind that CE is not LE (that’s why they have different names). You need to decide which is your preference and understand that the two are not in competition.

True. I am not really complaining and on the whole quite pleased with CE, considering Leia is pretty much alpha even though Kodi is apparently not to blame here. Just wondering how and why azerty keyboards would just not be supported at this stage, moving from Krypton to Leia. And it seemed to me CE and LE did share more than a little DNA… enough to keep azerty users happy :blush:. But I guess the problem will be solved in due course. French speakers will have to bide their time until the problem is fixed. Thumbs up to the devs in the meantime.

I am using an external HW keyboard with German qwertz key mapping. I tried to switch kodi key mapping to qwertz and Coreelec - System keyboard mapping to de_latin1. Nevertheless the key mapping of the keyboard is stil US qwerty. How can I change it to support my German keyboard?


Found a solution yet?

No, not yet.

I would like to use normal german layout QWERTZ instead of the english QWERTY. In the last versions of CE it worked. Now i change it exactly the same way as before in 8.95.0 and now it does not work.

Do i understand it correctly that right now i need to be patient and this is a common problem right now?

It’s a common problem for LE as well, there has been a fix proposed but it hasn’t been merged yet.

Hi there, I got a USB keyboard with a German QWERTZ layout. Is there a way, to get that to work properly in coreelec? I tried several settings and still only get the standard us layout… What am I doing wrong?

Nothing, it’s a bug in the OS/Kodi and we are still awaiting for the fix to be merged.

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Hi, as of CE 8.95.5 I no longer have a problem with my Rii mini i8 Wireless keyboard (AZERTY layout). Take a look in settings - coreelec and choose “azerty”. To be clear, I use a Wireless keyboard not an IR one.

Is this error still present? @janad wrote, that it is working with CE 8.95.5, but with CE 8.95.7 I (still?) can’t change to QUERTZ.

Is there any workaround to fix this? Maybe via ssh?

Rii mini i8 Wireless (not InfraRed) keyboard with AZERTY layout is still working in CE 8.95.7