Khadas VIM3 remote

Hi, I just installed CE 9.2.1 on my new khadas vim3.

All is fine except remote.

Where can I find config for this remote ?

Thank you very much. All is fine now.

Can I ask you what kind of cooling you use on your VIM3? Do you use the heatsink, and the fan? And do you use a case with or without metal plate? What kind of temperatures do you get after playing content for a while (I believe this is visible by pressing ‘o’ during playback or by going to settings > system information).

CPU temp around 42°C. Using heatsink, top side of the case little higher with using longer screws, bottom metal plate with thermal pad. The last part did significant change.

I use heatsink, diy case with metal plate. I get 55°C while playing video.

When idle, temp gets down to 44°C.