KI PRO 9.0.2 update - bad behaviour

Hi. Had KI PRO with CE 8.8 running for a long time. Now updated to 9.2 using automatic update.
Now it shows TVH htsp client is not supported and I can´t install it. Also confluence skin is unable to install - maybe because I used some special confluence mod before because of unavailbility for Krypton before…

Any idea where to start? Is it possible to make clean reinstall using SSH or I must have SD card? Thanks.

I just need to do some “total reset” or something… to give away everything from previous installation and start from a scratch.

Install from scratch on SD card

Is it possible from USB? I don´t have Sd now :slight_smile: My actual CE is instaled in NAND.

USB is possible
Installation to NAND was a bad idea - no support !

Support? is the same or not? Until is not bricked…NAND is way faster…

Installation to NAND is not supported by Team CoreELEC, there are reasons why.
Now You know why, update fails.

OK, now runs from USB. Don´t you know if installtointernal (or alternative command) is succesfully on ki pro? I would accept the risk. Or I need some other image as in stable it is disabled?

You can do whatever you please now you have accepted the risk.
Do NOT go any further with installtointernal commands if you have no factory Android image to use with USB burning tool should the box soft bricks.