KI PRO remote volume not running

Hello. CE 8.95.5. Remote volume and mute doesn´t work. I tried to install Keymap editor and mapped key (207, 209 insted of default Fn9 and Fn10). After restart volume runs for a few seconds but after it doesn´t.

MUTE key runs - I can see icon on screen. But the sound is still hearable so it is not working. I have passthrough disabled (tried both enable/disable).

Any idea? Thanks.

This is due to HDMI CEC. I turned it off and now is everythink OK. WOuld like to find which setting in HDMI CEC causes this error because I would like to use HDMI CEC for turning TV ON only.

Seems like HDMI CEC registers my TV as sort of remote and it overtakes volume control (but not in real).