KIII and Coreelec 9.2.1

I am new and I really appreciate the work you do. I have a tv box KIIII and I have installe the release 9.2.1 but I am experiencing problems with the refresh rate change. When playing content in 24p the screen changes from 24hz to 60hz without stopping, continuously. I have had libreelec and I don’t have this problem.

I’d appreciate some help or solution if it’s a bug.

Regards to all.

I think it’s something related to the hdmi cable because I had this problem without the screen refresh change activated.

I have been using CoreELEC on my KIII Pro for many months without any problem related to screen resolution.

My solution for this is to add the following lines to the /storage/.config/ file

# set resolution for best performances with little CPU/GPU warming
fw_setenv hdmimode 1080i50hz
fw_setenv outputmode 1080i50hz
echo 1080i50hz > /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap

Obviously you can change 1080i50hz for the value you like and that is supported by your TV.

Ok thank very much @cubimol i will continued do tests.

Also i am having problem with the screensavers with anyone

This is url of log…

Sorry for my English and regards everybody.

Did you restore your LE configuration to CE?

It is a clean installation I have not restored absolutely anything.

What components should I activate to give me some information?

I just noticed you have a ton of piracy related add-ons installed.

Our rules clearly state that no help can be provided if you are engaged in piracy.

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