Kksb new case

anyone know how to program the on off switch for the kksb case
thank you

If you clear your issue with more details maybe you can find some answers. Which SBC do you have?

i need to know what i need to change in either boot,ini or config.ini on the odroid n2+ running coreelec

I presume you got this model N2+ case, in the product page you got a link with instructions: Settings.

Did you tried already?

Also, here you have more info to start digging: gpio wiki
Also in this forum: N2 wake button

thank you
i sorted it by changing the config.ini
working on/off button now

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Nice piece of hw, I got a Kksb case for my Odroid C4, overkill but stylish (plastic variant from HK was boring for my taste). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Must say that even though the new case has better features - its damn ugly compared to the original.

I can only agree with your opinion.

Does anyone have any experience on how obtrusive and loud the fan is in the new case?
I didn’t use a fan in the old case and the new one looks like it needs one too.

i have had this case for 2 weeks now and i have not heard the fan once my n2 never gets above 40 degrees so i dont think the fan kicks in

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The fan is a total waste of time/money as it won’t ever kick in,even in a hot summer my n2 has never been higher than 36c