Kodi 19 in CoreELEC

I suspect that many if not all Py2 addons could be easily converted to Py3.
I did that with Keymap Editor addon. I used one of the automated Py2 to Py3 code converters and it worked just fine. The actual changes were minor and it now works in Kodi 19.

This is a skill beyond the average user, and add-on developers are known to be slow to migrate until they see a real demand. This usually happexns after initial release candidates because until this point the Kodi evolution is liable to keep breaking their add-on.


been using v19 on my RPI for some time (milhouse and then libreelec builds).
Pretty much stable (nothing much to tell tbh), but again the main issue is indeed addons. If you have loads of addons, it will be tough, unless you don’t really need them.
Keymap was an easy bypass and the dev updated it since, or you can always backup keymap.xml and reuse on v19.
Opensubs was probably the first one to be supported, following by subscene and that’s it as far as last time I tested.

I stopped using it since I’m now on MySQL for all devices and as v19 uses a newer db version, I’m waiting for Coreelec v19 to move - so looking forward to it!! (happy to test as well…)

The lists of already ported to Py3 addons, that have been accepted in to the main repo, are here:

https://github.com/xbmc/repo-scripts/tree/matrix (scripts/program)
https://github.com/xbmc/repo-plugins/tree/matrix (video/audio plugins)
https://github.com/xbmc/repo-skins/tree/matrix (skins)

…and most of the core/popular script/plugin ones are already there, really, apart from skins, which always seem to come last really. But those links are handy if you want to check for your favourites/needs.

I found the migration (on my windows testbed) - fine really…certainly not catastrophically slow or awful.

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