Kodi crashes after library setting change

Because my tmdb scraper skipped iso files I tried the setting " use video tags".
Now the system crashes after booting cause the library tries an update and hangs due to this setting.
The minix box then rebootes in safe mode but how can I change the setting in my original installation back to the working one?
Kodi becomes inoperable immediately after booting.

Here is the crash log in case somebody can say something http://ix.io/2pVi

I found out that if images get renamed .img it can be found and played properly. Is it correct that Coreelec can’t handle .iso images?

But after every library scan it still crashes: http://ix.io/2pVA

Very helpful board here…
It is working now, I renamed all iso images to .img and tmdb movie scraper works fine and the images get mounted by kodi and play perfectly.
If there is 1 iso image in the folder, kodi crashes.
I have no idea if this is a standard kodi bug, a tmdb scraper issue or caused by coreelec.
My previous installation was librelec witg kodi 17.6. and there it was working fine.

Do You know this is CE forum, but not KODI forum.
Feel free to ask KODI devs in KODI forum and pls stop insulting this board