Kodi freeze after/when playing portrait mode video


  • CoreElec Version: 21.0-Omega (latest stable)

Expected Behavior

Do not stuck KODI when playing specific videos.

Current Behavior

When I play specific video from Youtube plugin KODI get stuck when I try to play or after video (stop button via remote crashes KODI too). Initial issue here: KODI stuck on videos in portrait mode · Issue #832 · anxdpanic/plugin.video.youtube (github.com)
Because it looks like it is not problem of plugin itself I’ve donwloaded one of video via “youtube-dl/yt-dlp”: 185.86 MB file on MEGA and it really have the same behavior (stuck kodi).

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Run video which is portrait mode 185.86 MB file on MEGA
  2. Stop video and get stuck KODI