Kodi Restarting when pausing 4K Video

Trying to watch a movie tonight and finding that if we pause playback, that the screen goes blank and then Kodi restarts.

I’m not sure if any extended logging needs enabling and then reproducing this, but I’ve attached the initial logs in case it gives an indication to what is going on.

Seems very unusual that this is happening.


log-2018-12-30-21.50.21.zip (216.0 KB)

OK I enabled debug logging and reproduced the issue. Hopefully this will help.

log-2019-01-01-10.51.00.zip (2.2 MB)

Hmm I did apply the nightly build 20181231 last night and my issue still appeared to be there. Does it need to be a newer build than that?

The fix was committed on the 27th, so it’s there since the 20181227 nightly.

I only tried it very quickly before going to bed but skipping through did seem to work on HDR 4K without playing up, but when i paused the clip and unpause jumpback addon did its thing it restarted Kodi again.

The screen flashes black like the resolution resets and then reinitializes so does seem a little bit like the problem posted above. I did put my logs in the thread I did if that helps to see what is going on at all?

I suspect that it’s probably an issue with the addon rather than with CoreELEC.
I can skip, pause and play HEVC content without any problems.

This only appears to be happening with 4K HDR video though. I’ve had the plugin installed for a long time and never had this problem.

I’ll try disabling it tonight though now I am running the latest nightly and will see what happens properly as it was only a quick test I did last night.

I have this problem:
The kodi will stop and restart when I fast forward a UHD video in NAS. pause and play is ok.
my box is x96max 4G

Can I provide a log for you to check? Thx.