Kodi VFS add-on update

I’m not entirely sure how Kodi add-on updates works with CE.
I noticed spiff’s VFS/RAR archive add-on on Kodi was updated to v2.0.8.
When I checked for updates on CE, it shows only 2.0.72 is available.

We have to manually update them on our server, the process is not automated.

It’s generally only done either on new releases or when a user has a specific need for an addon to be updated.

OK, thanks for explaining.
I don’t know if there is a need for it or not. Have not encountered issues with the version I have. There might be added support for RAR5, like on the latest MPC builds.

As a rule, can I use a kodi add-on package to update, or it needs to have some adjustments for CE first?

I don’t really understand the question sorry.

When we push the updates all you have to do is refresh your addon repositories and if you have an older version installed then it will automatically update.

What I mean is, can I use vfs.rar-2.0.8.zip that Kodi downloaded on windows to update it on CE, or do those need to be adjusted for CE usage first.
I do it from time to with some subtitle add-ons that are not on the official Kodi repos.

No binary addons are platform specific.

OK, thanks.
I will update it from the zip then.

Devs could you update to latest VFS version please? CE has and it’s currently at 2.3.2.
Having some trouble deleting stuff after watch which happened before.
For some reason it’s very hard to find the plugin on the various Kodi repos. I only seem to find the source code. Tried to go back to 2.0.8 getting errors when I try to install it.

thanks in advance.

I found this now:

but it’s for Windows. I’ll give it a try later.

Checked a few hours ago and the new version seems to be available. Still having trouble deleting stuff. It’s like some of the rar files are locked. I already downgraded once to an old version which fixed it, but now I can’t seem to anymore. Manually installing plugin zips fails.