Kodi vision drop-outs

Hi all

I’ve noticed occasional drop outs on my N2 when playing 1080p25 content at 1080p50 (I’m whitelisting so I get native resolution output)

I’d put these down to ‘one of those things’ - but this afternoon was looking at different quality HEVC encodes of material I’d mastered myself in ffmpeg using x265.

I saw a drop out on one sequence - then played the same sequence encoded at a different quality level (so not the same file) and got a drop out at the exact same place in the (differently encoded) sequence.

The source material is broadcast quality and will have been through a full broadcast QC.

Has anyone else seen N2 drop-outs? My TV drops to black, flashes it’s 1080p OSD top left, and then comes back - just as it would when a source changes frame rate.

Please upload an example for test (part of video where you receive issue)

I’m afraid I can’t - I don’t own the copyright to the material, and doing so would breach the terms it was made available to me under. If I spot it on something that I can upload I will do so.

You can upload 1 minute sample somewhere and send a link in private message for example

Was the Original content a dvb broadcast if so did you force a frame rate when you encoded it. ie add the line -r 25 or -r 50 ?

Original content was a UK standard DPP AS11 broadcast master file (a master file used for broadcast delivery and playout). i.e. AVCi100 4:2:2 1920x1080i25 with PCM audio in an MXF wrapper.

I’m deinterlacing from 1080i25 4:2:2 AVCi100 10-bit to 1080p25 4:2:0 1080p25 HEVC/x.265 10-bit using ffmepg with x265.

When I’ve encoded this material to HEVC or AVC in the past I’ve never had to force a frame rate to get it to play reliably on other platforms without drop outs. (The fact that I seem to get an HDMI re-sync on my TV suggests something odd is happening)

I can’t upload this stuff even privately - as that would breach the terms it was made available to me under.

However I’ll try and keep my eyes out for other content I remaster that I do have rights to upload that causes the same issue.

Sorry I misled your first post and thought you were getting messages from your tv switching back and forth between 25/50Hz. This as you ate aware is common for tvheadend and other broadcast transitions. You are just getting hdmi disconnects, tv thinks the stream is broken. Does it happen with the original content?

I can’t play the original content via the same route - it’s 4:2:2 1080i25 AVC Intra 100Mbs so the N2 won’t play it.

I can try playing it via a BlackMagic Decklink from Prem Pro at some point but I’d be very surprised if that caused drop outs - as it’s a delivery TX master that was used for broadcast.

(And no - the Freeview HD 1080i25/1080p25 dynamic switching is not implicated in this)

@noggin we have a new experimental kernel that we are working on that has improved video playback, if you could provide a 30s sample then we can give you some feedback as to whether you can expect improved playback with the source material in the future.

We are always looking for problematic samples as it helps with our testing, we can’t really help without them.

Are others getting HDMI re-syncs during playback?

If I can find some material that I can upload that also consistently exhibits this issue I will.