Kore android Apps sleep mode and other things

Hey All I just installed CE 9.0.3 with rufus on USB and booting on the TX8 Tanix S912 and it work amazingly ! First I want to thank you all who works and help on this… THANKS !!!
Thanks for your work frankly its miracle !!!
I use the android apps on my android phone named KORE and all work very GOOD its charm excepted sleep mode I can do all excepted sleeping CE and wake. My TX8 Remote do not have any sleep button I can do that with CEC when I close my TV my android TX8 box close automatically but I dont know what to do with CE about that…
Thanks for help

What do you mean by “Sleep”? There is no sleep option in CE. And why would you put your device/CE in sleep anyway? Why don’t you leave it on all the time like most of the people do?

Sure I get 14 seconds to full boot and then IPTV load chanels woooooo its so fast but sleeping mode is cool too