Laser - MMC-B18 (S905D) - DVB not loading

Hi everyone,

I have a Laser MMC-B18 Smart Media Player which has a built-in DVB tuner. The specs can be seen on Laser MMC-B18 but in short, it is a S905D with 1GB RAM.

It has a built-in tuner that appears to be based on AVL6862 DVB-T2 but I get an error message of “Failed to find AVL6862 demod!”

The logs (grep | paste) output is below. Can anyone advise how to get the built-in tuner working? I have an external USB tuner that “works” albeit it can be temperamental at times.

I’m seeing you’re from AUS.
Don’t hold out for this internal Tuner to work with this CE.
You’re not the only one with obscure branding hardware from china who have this issue.
Save yourself the headache and find a SONY PS3 PLAY TV Twin Tuner in AUS as they work with CE.
Plenty of of them on Gumtree / Fleabay

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That’s a shame, but understand that. Thank you! Will have a look at what options are available. Thanks again!