Latest and greatest xELEC for u9-h?

Hey all,

I’ve been digging and digging through years old data on forums for > 24h now in anticipation of my u9-h arriving tomorrow. Despite it not being updated in a while, I was all prepared to throw a LibreELEC 8.2.5 build on there, but now I’m seeing there’s also an AlexELEC, and a CoreELEC, in addition of course to plain old OpenELEC … my head is spinning.

Being that all the releases LibreELEC seem quite old, I’m wondering if it is basically abandoned and everyone has moved on to something else now? Any current info and tips would be GREATLY appreciated!

OpenELEC is nearly dead.
LibreELEC is still alive and very active, but their main focus aren’t Amlogic devices.
CoreELEC is obviously alive and very active, too, and includes a lot of optimizations for Amlogic devices.

Therefore you should put CoreELEC onto your U9-H to get the most out of your device.

Just know that AlexELEC was previously a clone of Kszaq work where he copy all the code and replaces himself as an author so it looks like he did everything.
Now he’s doing the same with CoreELEC. If you look closely the code is almost the same but he also includes some shady piracy stuff.

LibreELEC focus is a different one. They want to focus on mainline which means they want to wait 2-3 years until it’s feature complete. We focus on making your AMLogic device work now as best as it can even if that means using older kernel.
But as a user you don’t need mainline. A user is looking for working HDR and Dolby Sound etc.
We will ultimately focus on mainline too and we have already some interesting non-public builds available.