Latest Nightly - Random White Noise Sound?


My N2 stays on 24/7 and when Kodi is not playing anything (screensaver mode dim also active) while the TV is also on, there have been two instances where white noise sound is outputted from my surround sound speakers for about 1 second.

The first time it happened, it scared the shit out of my wife, as she was sitting on the sofa. I asked her what that sound was and she confirmed it came out of my surround sound speakers. Later on today, it happened again (while Kodi screensaver was on and nothing was playing.)

Any ideas? It’s random and I can’t replicate it as it only happens when I’m not playing anything on the N2.

Update: I’ve installed 5 nightly updates since I first reported this and have not experienced this symptom since. May have just been a glitch.