Le Potato Mainline kernel

Hi folks,
I am very glad about the ongoing development of CoreELEC! Thanks to all contributors!
One thing that I am still waiting for (and for lack of capabilities cannot contribute anything to) is mainline kernel for Le Potato. Following the communities it seems that development has nearly stalled… Or is this a wrong impression? Last news from Libre Computer itself dates back to February…
If anyone here has some insights to share, I’d be happy!

We periodically evaluate the use of the mainline kernel in CoreELEC. It is however not feature complete enough on all supported devices to make a switch to it. While for some use cases it might work ok, that would not be the case for everyone, and we don’t want to be in a position of having to say sorry we are now taking away a pile of features that currently work, because we wanted to make the switch before it was ready to do everything all our users expect.

For general non CoreELEC use of mainline kernel, while not really on topic on this forum, I have both the Le Potato and La Frite boards, and it works rather well on both for general computing non media use.

Hi @cdu13a,
I fully understand, I in no way wanted to put any pressure or whatever on this project. How could I, just being a consumer and not a contributor! I was just hoping that someone knows a bit more about the state of affairs…
I got myself a Le Potato one and a half year ago, since it looked like we had to wait quite long until Raspberry 4 arrived with HEVC, but to everyone’s surprise the device is there now, and I start to wonder who’ll be faster in having a fully featured Kodi on mainline: RPi 4 or Le Potato? My gut feeling is that Raspi 4 will be there by the end of the year, while Le Potato will fall behind… It just shows the importance and power of a large community and a dedicated team behind it.
Keep the good work on!

The main question is how does the type of kernel affect you as a normal user?
For multimedia, on AML, vendor kernel is much superior to mainline.