Library very slow to display

I’m just now getting into the CoreELEC scene, as I had previously been using Windows based systems with KODI.

I installed CoreELEC 2.9.8 on a Libre LePotato. The reason for using this is that the newer version have serious problems handling 3D movies, whereas the older 9.xx version still support it.

Anyway, the problem I’m having is with how slow it is entering the library. I have scraped one of my folders containing only 355 movies, and it now takes about 50 seconds to show when I select it from the main Movies menu. Once it’s showing it’s fine, and I can scroll through it at a reasonable pace.

Entering similarly sized folders that haven’t been scraped yet, takes about 5~6 seconds or so.

I know KODi stores the scraped library on the MicroSD card, and entering the library should be fast, as it’s being read from the card. So why is this so slow?

P.S. Exiting the library, going to a different folder, then going back to the scraped folder once again takes forever and some change.

Have you tried a different micro sd card? Is this a fresh install? Do you have any add-ons installed? No logs, so you probably won’t get much help.

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