repo - addons not starting because of env-vars

Hi everyone,
I wanted to try the pi-hole addon from repo on my N2 and ran into some general problems - not (only) related to the repo IMHO:

  1. The addon’s service scripts use a regex to determine which image they need to pull for the machine’s architecture. It searches for *ELEC_ARCH in /etc/os-release and matches it. The problem we currently have is that coreelec sets COREELEC_ARCH and LIBREELEC_ARCH which results in a duplicated arch string (e.g. “arm arm” instead of “arm”) and non working addon because of failed match.
  2. I’m not even sure if we need the ARCH-switching mentioned in 1. at all since images are mostly multi-arch anyway.

As a workaround I hardcoded the images in the service scripts and disabled auto-update for the addon.

Since I don’t know where the repo is pulled from, there’s also something else I encountered with the webgrabplus addon: it uses deprecated images, everything should come from linuxserver/webgrabplus.


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