Live TV starts stuck and finally system crash

CoreELEC version: 9.0.1 (build from tag 9.0.1)
Tvheadend HTSP client: 4.4.16
Tvheadend Server 4.2: 9.1.118
Hardware: mecool K1 plus (S905D)

The screen starts stuck after play lives tv for several hours.
(both default driver and CrazyCat)
get a lot of messages like below

[56436.466030@3] ***** DI ****** wait 7794 pre_de_irq timeout
[56436.516188@3] ***** DI ****** wait 7795 pre_de_irq timeout
[56436.566061@3] ***** DI ****** wait 7796 pre_de_irq timeout

finally, the system will crash.

I write a script to avoid this issue

journalctl -f | while read line
echo $line | grep -E ‘[0-9]* pre_de_irq timeout’ >/dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? = 0 ]
echo 1 > /sys/module/di/parameters/bypass_all

it can avoid the system crash issue.
but cannot play a long time, the screen sometimes freezes.
after I switch the channel, then the live TV start plays again.

Thanks for any advice

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Are you using Wifi ??
I’m using Odroid N2 with usb wifi adapter and i get Video / Audio Freeze after maybe 1 to 5 minutes every time. I don’t get a crash.
Never happens with wired ethernet.
Just need to know IF THIS IS TV Headend Client issue.

I play Live TV on HDMI.

Wifi connection on your box ??
EDIT: I think your running Server and Client from the same box ??
If you are, not the same as me.

Yes, I run client and server on the same box.

I have identical problem when running from a SD Card and the box gets to hot … Make SD card to fail … The box is a Wetek Play 1 with libreeelc not CoreELEC but try to feel the box temp …

I install on Nand and the problem is over …

Not sure if it is the same problem that you have