Local console login? Is it possible?

I would like to use my coreelec box (9.2.1 installed to nand on a s912 box) as a bridged access point.

I’m aware that connman can’t handle this but migrating the networking over to systemd-networkd can.

Only problem there is that I won’t be able to achieve this if my only way to access a terminal is via SSH.

I’ve tried installing systemtools which presents me with a “this is a console only add-on. Would you like to open a terminal window?” Dialogue box but selecting “yes” does nothing.

Any help would be appreciated

Am I looking at this from the wrong angle?

Am I too focused on getting a local console when it’s not possible?

Could I achieve my goal via another method, perhaps copying all the relevant config files over to a temp directory and starting a “screen sh script.sh” screen to deal with the migrating away from connman to systemd?

I could just admit defeat and use an old\existing modern\router for the access point but I really liked the elegance of using my coreelec box (plus I’m limited on mains 240v sockets and the Mrs doesn’t like flashing LEDs in the bedroom)

I’ve seen a post somewhere about a Google Chrome add-on that provides a shell terminal and connecting to localhost but I believe this might only be for x86 as we don’t have xorg in jeos.

I’m just throwing ideas at the wall, like spaghetti, hoping someone can either give me some pointers to what I need to research OR point out why I can’t do what I’d like to achieve.

What you are describing is way above my knowledge. However sometimes a simpleton like myself may think outside the box. A terminal in a docker container ? Again forgive my lack of knowledge. If you stop kodi, is there any sort of display to run a terminal in ? would openbox work ?

Yes I am just chucking out names without complete understanding, but maybe it will help you think along a different path .

Cheers !

Well dude, Docker is a good idea.

I will have a go and see what I can do.

Once that mini hurdle is dealt with, I then have the fun ahead of me, of actually migrating away from connman to networkd

I’ve flashed an SD card with a virgin clean install of coreelec so that I don;t mess up my nand install and lose connectivity

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