Location of my settings I make when I use Kodi as default user

Hello everyone,
who can help me? I probably have a very simple question.

I have an Odroid-N2 on the currently the current CoreElec runs with Kodi 18.8.

When I log in as root with SSH, root has a Kodi user directory ~/.kodi/userdata/ in the home directory.

Are the settings of the Kodi master user (default profile) stored there? Or is the data somewhere else?
It is not yet clear to me where the settings that I make in Kodi as the default user are actually stored.


NOTE There are two userdata folders, the System data one contains default settings necessary for Kodi to operate, and the userdata folder for user modifications. Do not touch the files in the first system-userdata folder. This page (and most references on the wiki) are about editing the second, user-accessible, userdata folder.

Hi Betatester,
thank you for your answer. I had made changes in ~/.kodi/userdata. That was correct then.

These user data will not be overwritten when updating Kodi or the skin or CoreElec?

Technically no, but then again, you never know.

Always play safe and make backups.

Hi Betatester,
thanks for your help.

i have another question: Where is the system-userdata folder actually located? It is not described in the kodi-wiki. I don’t want to change anything there, just out of interest.

The second folder is not user accessible. It’s located on the root of the device and needs special privileges to be accessed.

CE is allways running with root privileges.
Maybe the TO should explain what he wants to know ?
The location system-userdata folder is described in the kodi-wiki

I don’t really understand it at the moment.

I log in with SSH as root. I am in the home directory of root “~” and see the .kodi directory. The command prompt is “Mediaplayer:~”. Everything is ok until here.
I change the directory to “/”. I see the directory storage and change there. The command prompt is again “Mediaplayer:~”. How does that work?

There are no symbolic links. However, the .kodi directory in the root home directory is the same as the one under the storage directory.

Anyway, changes in the userdata directory will not take effect. I have changed the icons in the directory userdata\addon_data\skin.aeon.nox.silvo\extras\moviegenres. These changes are not visible.

Therefore I think I have not understood this yet. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance and have a nice weekend

storage is the root home directory.

@Tim_Taylor Don’t worry about it. The second folder is located outside of the storage folder and is not accessible by conventional means. I don’t even know why Team Kodi mentions it in their Wiki. Probably for developers and low level troubleshooting. The folder you want to work in is located in storage.

Ok, that means I can make changes to the Moviegenre icons in the folder /storage/.kodi/skin.aeon.nox.silvo/extras/moviegenres/colored? These are not the system settings, but already user-specific folders? Is that correct?

So, will they not be overwritten in case of an update? That is what really matters to me.

This is a Kodi feature. The place to ask this question would be in the Kodi TV Forum

As far as I know, your settings should not be overwritten during updates or skin changes, however, I always recommend making a backup before comitting any changes.

ok, thanks, I’ll try there

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