Logitech Remote - 650 and 665, OK not Working

I have a mini M8S II and managed to get the original remote working in 8.90.1. I manage my Home Theater systems with a Logitech 650 and a second system with a 665. I have not been able to get the OK button on the Logitech to work with the Mini M8S II. It works fine on the original remote and on a Rii mini keyboard. I’ve tried programming the OK button, teaching it from the original, etc but no go. All the other buttons I’ve programmed work well. Is anyone else using one of these remotes had a similar problem and worked out a solution?
The OK button works fine on an ABOX A1 Max.

Please update to the latest version and see if you still experience issues.

Awesome, it worked. I spent hours trying to get this box to work and then I noticed that 8.90.2 was out and your post. So far the build works fantastically on 2x Abox A1 Max and a Mecool M8S Pro+. Thanks

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