Long black screen after exiting to EPG

I was wondering if anyone who uses Kodi for watching Live TV noticed that when you zap a channel from the EPG screen and watch it for a while, when you want to exit the channel and get back to the EPG, you can see the black screen for a long period of time.

The black screen can take up to 1 minute before the EPG GUI appears. It seems that this is directly affected by the amount of time you watch a live channel. If you watch it longer, the black screen is gonna take also much longer to show the EPG.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Not here … black screen for a fraction of a second then back to Guide.

How many days to display you got set for EPG? Default 3?

How many days to display you got set for EPG? Default 3?

3 days


Tried with 7day EPG and not a lot of difference (if any).
Maybe 0.5 secs of black screen.

Ok, thanks. Just like I mentioned, the black screen is very short when you watch a channel for a short period of time, but very long if you watch a one tv channel (without switching or going back to EPG) for lets say 2 hours.

So test steps would actually be :

  1. Open EPG screen
  2. Choose channel
  3. Watch it for 1,5 - 2h - don’t switch channels, don’t go back to EPG
  4. Try to exit channel into EPG

I’ll see if I can test that tonight.

Set to play one LiveTV Channel from 6:13 to 8:24 local time.
On exiting from the channel it went back to the Guide without any extra delay compared to previously.

When it did the remote ceased to operate for a short time … presumably while it was updating the Guide … maybe 30 secs or so.

Allright, thank you for testing. This might be related to the Hyperion.ng and the slowdowns it causes.

One more time thanks :slight_smile: