Looking for KVIM and KVIM2 testers

I’m looking for Testers on KVIM and KVIM2.
I recently made some major changes and we have no one on the Team with either KVIM or KVIM2.

Edit: Taking off the link. Testing is done. Thank you all.

Be careful because this is highly experimental. Please use a fresh SD card, because it could happen that your device is unbootable!

There is only a single S905.tar or S912.tar. It’s best if you first flash a fresh 8.95.5 img on a unused SD card and then use the S905.tar to manually update your KVIM installation or the S912.tar to update your KVIM2 installation.
Please also check a fresh installation from:

Please report back if your device is still booting after tar update and if you fresh flash the img file.

This is very appreciated!

Will give it a go when I get home this evening. Mine is a VIM2


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I started out from a Nightly and then used the .tar to upgrade. That all went fine and then it booted first time without any issues.
It scans my media fine and plays HD 1080 files fine.
It loads the Tvheadend server and scans for channels successfully, it also loads the correct Tvh client which runs fine as well. Both my onboard tuner card and the Digitwin SAT>IP tuners are detected and work fine.
Seems to all be working.

However since loading it my main computer will not connect to the Router - which is a mighty coincidence that this only started after I had this version of Coreelec running on the LAN plugged into the router. Am going to have to see if a router reset brings back service.

EDIT: Router reset doesn’t help. All other comps (Win and Opensuse) are connecting fine.
My main comp did a wierd hang when I was using the Libreelec burn tool to write the original image and I had to do a hard reset. All this maybe a coincidence.

EDIT: Turns out network manager stopped been able to do a DNS resolve. Adding nameserver brough things back. Coincidence ??


Hello. Here is my log file from KViM2 with yours image “CoreELEC-S912.arm-9.0-devel-1542465204-PR142-KVIM2.img.gz” . Everything working for me with these image

Thanks! These are basically the same as 8.95.5 but with a different build method. So I just wanna know if a fresh install and a tar update boots. So this is very helpful.

Now if someone with a KVIM could config that it works it would be perfect!

I can try with a KVIM, but not before Saturday.

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Sorry it took so long. I have tested an update from 8.95.5 and it seems to work.
I had to manually select the integrated wifi again (connect).
But some addons are not compatible, e.g. tvheadend, confluence, inputstream.

Therefore I couldnt really test much. But the update process itself worked.

For the full install I have to look for a SD card, because my libreelec is installed to internal, and it was tricky to get it there, my device is a little diva.
Once I find a spare SD Card I will report back.


You should update to the latest nightly build. Then you can use the nightly addon repo.