Low luminosity sometimes after a long period

I’m using a S905X box and CoreELEC 8.95.5. I never shutdown my box so I only switch from TV to HDMI and HDMI to TV.
Sometimes, when I switch from TV to HDMI, the light is very low. It seems to stay in standby mode, like when you don’t touch a key for a long period and luminosity goes down. I must restart the box in order to get full luminosity.
Is it a known issue ?
Thank you !

not sure if this is a known issue, but i can confirm i have had same issue. it was like the screen was dimmed by the screensaver settings and didn’t ‘wake’ on button press. seen it a few times and need reboot to resolve, but not seen on latest version (yet - its still early days only had latest a couple of days)

Same problem here

Same issue with 8.95.6 on multiple boxes.

I have the same problem too. Reboot helps only.

I tried “Reboot Kodi” only and it works, it’s not necessary to reboot the box, only Kodi helps. Perhaps this issue will be resolved with the next Kodi release.