Make /usr/share/ rw?

Is it possible to override folders files in the /use/share folder?

I know with skins you can override defaults by placing inside /storage/.kodi/addons. and /flash can be switched to rw temporarily, are there any tricks to do that for files folders within /usr/share/


You can mount over some file or folder from /storage. Or use more sophisticated overlay filesystem.

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How would i know which folders i can mount over?

You do know which folders you need writable right?

Nothing is a “need” im just kicking the tires and experimenting.

/usr/share/services -> but i think i can test from /storage/.config (interested in Lirc)
/usr/share/kodi/addons -> is /storage/.kodi/addons

what about /usr/share/bootloader? config.ini is changeable by making /flash rw but is there some way to edit other files in there?


Correct for 1 and 2. 3 you probably don’t need to edit there anyway.

I was thinking about playing around with an animated splash screen. I’ve read it can be done earlier on in the boot process but its a bit beyond my comfort zone.

After poking around it looks like boot-logo-1080.bmp.gz is the last image to be loaded prior to the home page, figured i would stand the best chance by starting there first.

Any ideas how i could mount over that folder/file?

Animated splash is not just still image. You must run some program in a background. I did this long, long time back and it was executed from initramfs just like still image.

I remember that on my RPi3 there was an 1920 x 1080 animated boot splash. Still have that file (1.3MB); it was placed in storage/.cache folder in .mp4 format, named just splash.h264. How it was started, have no idea,but you can start exploring here.

Thanks Sholander, i’ll dive in see what i can figure out. i think i remember that slpash, very slick.

@vpeter, so is that basically sliding through multiple images treating them as frames?

Yes, done with plymouth-lite.