Max hard drives?

Hey guys, i got on my n2 5 external hard drives working (all with own power) , whats the max hard drives max i can use? with kodi or n2?
Cause i wil run out of space in the future and i m looking for best options… Nas or 8 harddisk enclosure…

Isnt it 127 on a usb chain? im sure you dont need that many :slight_smile:

oh 127 :rofl: yea got pair 2 TB disks… i m planning to get me a 12 or 14 TB disk and and copy the disks to the bigger one… and think go with a enclosure for 4 or 8 disks future proof like one of these…
I was just wandering if there is a max drives for it to use…

There is a JBOD 12 bay one going about.

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NAS would be the best choice.
4-bay NAS + 4X16TB HDD

yea i have looked at it, that is the expensive route, i think dont need the network and raid capabilities, so for now , the chances to go with a 4 bay enclosure has is the highest chance…
This is for now, just research…
thnx for the input

My experience is that such copies tend to fail on CE. Others may disagree.


Can you elaborate on this some further? as in disk failure or can’t CE or the N2 handle this kind of multi disk enclosures?
The copying from small HD to large HD will be done with a win10 pc.

Whenever I have tried to perform a full disk copy from within CE it never gets to the end. It might be a limit of the USB hardware. Its also very slow when using CE.

I would use a full PC and move the HDD to do the same, more reliable and faster. Even faster is to mount them with sata.


Ah,yes i am aware of that, half the drives are usb2.s so will take a long long time to copy.
I am using Teracopy so i can monitor the copyed files for inconsistency.
Thanx for your input…

As an update, i went for this one paired with a 12 TB Seagate Exos X14.

All work as intended, but damn… 2 TB from a 2.0 usb drive = long time wait… about 40 MB/s ish… crazy…

Was thinking to buy 12TB usb drive and shuck the drive (almost 100E cheaper), but read there were some downsides to it, first warranty and more important, some has the usb part directly on the drive and not a loos pcb into the sata port.
There is also a chance on a 3 volt mod to do, drive is not recognized without it…