MaxCLL Metadata present on N2/CE?

Does N2/CE preserve MaxCLL HDR metadata? It’s vital for display tone mapping.

The Vero4K currently does not but next release should have it.

Yes, it does.

As far as I know the metadata is all there, but none of us in the team has the tools to actually test it.

Can anyone hook the N2 up to a HDFury Vertex to check? I haven’t got one currently but am looking to buy at some point.

Somebody has already done it and checked it but I can’t find the exact post but somebody posted a picture on these forums.

The 4.9 kernel does preserve the MaxCLL HDR Metadata

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@mombasa123, here you go :slight_smile:

Screenshot of HDFury Vertex while playing “Samsung HDR Wonderland” with MaxFALL/MaxCLL values applied on Odroid N2


Brilliant - thanks chaps!

Waiting for my N2 to arrive.

Can confirm it outputs metadata.


erm, what did you use to get that info? Looks v useful!