MCE RF remote

Dear community,

I am coming from LibreElec and did a new install of the latest CoreElec version 8.99.2 on my Nexbox A5. An X10 RF MCE remote used to work out of the box on LibreElec, but none of the buttons seem to work on CoreElec. I tried the ir-keytable -t method, but it doesn’t register any of the buttons, I guess it is not supposed to because it is an RF remote, but no other clues here. Do you have any advise?
The rest of the system is working splendid, a huge thanks to the developers :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help,


Does it use a USB dongle?

It uses a small USB external box, something like a dongle indeed, do you have any ideas?

Which version of LE did you try?

You need a specific driver to load this IR remote, you can try enable crazycat or media_build DVB drivers and see if it helps.

I have been using the LE builds since 7.9.x untill the latest 8.2 and this remote has been working in all of them, I will try to enable those drivers and see if that works. Thanks a lot.