Mecool BB2 (not pro) 8.90.2 thoughts

Been fooling around with various S912 builds of Libreelec/Coreelec for the last day or so. Here’s what I’ve found:

Mostly everything on Coreelec works- not saying it works well, but it does work. Quick and easy install. IR Remote works fine, as well as CEC.

Keep in mind I’m using Wifi. Unfortunately I can’t run ether to the room it’s in.

Here’s the main hitch- my soundbar (Yamaha ATS-1070) only supports DD/DTS, no lossless formats. So when I set Coreelec (or Libreelec S912) builds to bitstream DD/DTS only, it has a huge problem extracting the DTS core from DTS-HD content. It will stutter like mad. If I turn off bitstreaming it is a bit better, but it still tends to hitch quite a bit.

Otherwise, content is relatively smooth, but still has an occasional microstutter on my Sony XBR65X900E.

I have a spare generic Realtek8811AU wifi adapter plugged in- not sure if it’s doing anything (although the lights are blinking), once I figure out how to get it going we’ll see if I can get a better connection on ac, rather than the BB2’s wireless-n. Speedtest shows I’m connecting around 150Mbps which is better than I expected for the BB2.

Ironically, the first time I installed CoreElec I had rock solid, smooth playback, even being able to stream 4k content no problem. Then I started fooling around with other builds and now I can’t get stability back (forget about 4k content). I suspect my wifi network is the issue. I might spring for a mesh router and see if that helps. The Linksys WRT3200acm has terrible wifi connectivity.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Wifi and 4k … 150 Mbps is one thing but have you checked if other wifi Router may disturb the selected channel?
I would check my wifi net with an app like wifi analyzer

I had issue with 4k and wireless when both 2.4 and 5ghz frequencies was enabled in my router. On boot device connects to 5ghz, but after some time it switches to 2.4ghz . And playback issues begins. After disabling 2.4 frequency completely in router all issues gone.

Unfortunately I have to set my network up in Client Bridge mode with two routers (wrt3200acm as main, wrt1200ac as client), and for some strange reason the 2nd router will only connect on one specific channel. My HDHomerun tuner is connected to the bridged router. The wrt3200acm has flakey wifi at best.

I still need 2.4GHz for some devices like my printer and Harmony Hub.

On top of that I live in a 130yr old brick school building converted to condos.

If I had a way of wiring my apartment I would. That’s why I’m thinking a mesh network might better suit my purposes. I have Gigabit wired- just no way of getting it to either of my TVs without wifi.

Another option could be power line adapter. However if it is 130yr building then i guess power cables are wired as spaghetti and they may work even worse than current setup :slight_smile:
I don’t have experience with mesh networking. If we trust advertisements it should help. But let’s wait for responses from users who really has mesh setup.

Forget powerline adapters. The wiring in my building is screwed- the intercom doesn’t even work, they need to rewire the whole building.

My main TV is in the same room as the router (which in a closet). I’m thinking of punching a hole in the wall and putting the router in the room on a shelf. Then I could do a bridge thing into the bedroom. Either that or try a mesh setup. I don’t have any personal experience with them either so I have no idea how solid a wireless connection I’ll get with them.

Is there any way to force Kodi/CoreElec to use ac only? I could use the Realtek8811AU adapter I have in ac mode.

Power line adaptors work on your ring main only and not the whole building and would yield much better results regardless of how bad you believe the wiring may be in your building than 2G WiFi.

Your post is really unhelpful as you have not said which build you have testing, also bear in mind these forums are for discussing CE builds not LE.

We have added an option to the next build to turn off passthrough for DTS-HD HRA as there is no specific option for it in Kodi which may help in your case, not all receivers can decode it properly, some are fine and others not so much.

I said right in the title 8.90.2 and I’m using 5G, not 2.4G wifi.

Your router is in a closet ? That’s a bad formula.
I’m trying to work out what you’re doing but i can tell you that you are pushing wifi networks for printers phones etc which affects Link Speeds to your router.
Log into your router and see the fluctuations in link speeds between your router and devices as you refresh. It is a big fluctuation. Wifi and Video file transfer are a bad marriage.
Go and get a length of RJ45 and run it to the TV from the router.
Otherwise as @anon88919003 advised get a powerline adapter kit and see what happens.

I’ll probably poke a hole in the wall and mount the router on a shelf outside the closet. What can I say? It’s a 100+ yr old brick and cement building. I didn’t plan it out this way- running Cat6 just isn’t feasible. Powerline won’t work well here- where it needs to reach isn’t even on the same circuit.

You also said in the first paragraph of your post.

So it wasn’t clear what you was actually reporting your experience was based upon.

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Go to LE settings / Networks
internal will show up wlan0 and the external Realtek as wlan1.

I noticed that.

Seems to be no difference- must be limited by my wifi. I’m going to see if I can get a wire to my TVs, if not I’ll have to change routers/mesh, etc.