Mecool K-boxes, decode channels simultaneously?

Is it possible to decode two channels simultaneously in tvheadend with the Mecool boxes? I read that with stock firmware it is impossible to watch a DVB T2 channel while recording a DVB S2 channel, is that possible with Core elec and Tvheadend?

I’m planning to use a Mecool k1, k2 or k3 as a cheap way to get a sat (and terrestrial) to ip server if applicable.

CoreELEC can do many things, and also decode/record multiple TV channels simultaneously, but for this you need multiple tuners.

With a single tuner you can only decode/record multiple channels that broadcast on the same frequency and polarity, this is named mux. If your single tuner is decoding DVB-T you will not be able to use satellite decoding simultaneously.

PS.- You also have the possibility to buy a new generation TV Box (~ € 40) + a DVB-S2 USB tuner (~ € 40) + a DVB-T2 USB tuner (~ € 15).

Thanks for answering!
What I can understand, there should be two DVB tuners inside the Mecool KI Pro and the Mecool KII Pro, one DVB S2 and one DVB T2. In the KIII it seems to be even three of them. Or have I got that all wrong? Is it just a single tuner that is capable of tuning S2 and T2, one of the time?

Mecool KI, KII, KIII only has one tuner

Okej, that makes sense. Thanks!