Mecool KI Pro - problem with booting from SD card

Hi all,

I have a strange problem with KI pro box. It doesn’t boot from SD card, only when I use toothpick method or when I boot to android first. I used different cards with the same effect - box freezes on Mecool screen. It looks like hw problem, but I’m not sure - would the firmware upgrade help?

Did you copy the correct dtb?

I did, gxl_p230_k1_pro.

Update: the box boots up using toothpick method and after restart from Kodi menu it boots up again without freezing. When I let the box in stand-by state for longer time (e.g. one hour), the freezing is back.

I found the root cause - internal SD card reader wasn’t able to read the cards due to the weak contact between the reader and card. It detected that the card is inserted but couldn’t boot. I’ve fixed it with a small piece of tape on sd card to make it thicker.