Mecool KII PRO S905D

Hi !
I have device Mecool KII PRO , but with S905D
Is there a DTB.IMG for this device?

Here not exist…


Mecool KII Pro 2G/16G S905D
cat /proc/device-tree/le-dt-id

There is already a thread telling you which DTB to use, rather than opening a new thread, try looking.

This it?
I tried so, but get an error. See attach

Look in the device_trees folder on your sdcard.

No, those are old images for LibreElec, you need new one for CoreElec

Hi novg, I have a similar box. I don’t know whether you’ve understood what’s being explained - I know the feeling, I don’t understand half of what’s posted here either! What people are telling you is that, once you’ve created your SD card, before you put it in the slot in your Mecool box, you can examine it on your PC and you will see it has two partitions, in the COREELEC partition you will see a folder which contains all the dtb.img files that adamg refers to in his thread. I can’t remember the name of it but the one for the Mecool kii pro (905D) is named such that you can’t miss it. You copy this into the top directory and rename it to dtb.img replacing any dtb.img that’s already there. Hope that helps.


I don’t know how you can’t understand what is posted because your English seems perfectly fine. Many of us here spend many hours writing how to’s and helping users, 9 times out of 10 it is people not following instructions to the letter as can be seen in this post.

The pictures above clearly show LibreELEC trying to boot.

There is a notice in this sub-forum here that very clearly says in perfect English that if you are upgrading from kszaq LibreELEC releases then no support will be offered.

Read the forums, do a fresh/clean install and if you still have problems then open a thread again.