Mecool ms8 pro w Box android

Good afternoon, I have a box mecool ms8 pro w, but in some movies it starts to block being impossible to see. Most of the movies I watch are 4k with HDR and also HD sound. Which box is the best option to view several formats from dvd, bluray rip, full bluray, 4k. And that you can install coreleec. I use a 4 hdd with 4TB each one, I connect with usb cable to android box.

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Try installing ce on this device, it is listed on the download page, then SEARCH before asking for an installation guide on this site.

I already have the ce installed some movies are slow in the same --’

you didn’t make that clear. Are the movies playing ok on Android?
If so, make a backup in CE settings, save the tar file somewhere.
Then try a fresh install, to sd card.
Are you using a wired connection?
wifi probably not work.

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The box is very fluid with the ce, runs well 4k and everything. Only the VC-1 files freeze and in some full bluray it crashes. Is only my problem with that box.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Personally, I won’t recommend a box. If you search the forum I think there are some recommendations. Otherwise hopefully someone else will respond to this post.

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Have a read HERE

Amlogic S905W is not so good

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