Mediainfo integration

Just a suggestion but has anyone tried compiling mediainfo CLI for CE. It would be nice to be able use it from the box command line would be even better if it could be incorporated into the file manager so you could highlight a file and view the media info.


great idea !

The good news is mediainfo 18.12 is available in entware the bad news is it is not compiled with cURL support. This sadly means you can only access media on the local machine or shares that are mapped to a directory on the local machine.

To install entware simply ssh into your box type installentware then reboot.

To install mediainfo type opkg update this will refresh the packages. Then opkg install mediainfo

to use it just type mediainfo

The big problem is there is no samba support in mediainfo which means unless you mount the samba shares to the local directories you wont be able to use mediainfo on your samba shared media. Also as this version is not compiled with cURL you cant use it on HTTP(S), FTP media either. I can’t get it to accept stdin as a file as I thought this maybe a way round it either.

Can someone tell me how to setup a compile environment for CE so I can try to compile mediainfo with cURL