I am reasonably familiar with Linux and can usualy track problems through the various logs but on Coreeelec I am struggling as logs are not in “standard” places and as far as I can see such as /var/log/messages dont exist. I guess the data does exist but where? is there a guide anywhere to where the “standard” Linux logs are stored?

thanks in advance

Thank you for the pointer which I have followed. However is this really all about kodi logs rather than the underlyng Linux logs? The only Linux logs I can find are dmesg and Journalct - are there any more sych as the usual var/log/messages?

By the way I followed the instructions in the link but had problems: turning debug works as would be expected but the uploading fails with no diagnostics on the screen. I used ssh to get to the raw log (.kodi/temp/kodi.log) but there is nothng to indicate why the upload failed.

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