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I have a N2 on 19 and I want to move to the latest.

What is the best way to do this with keeping everything as is. In terms of cache status etc…


The best way is to start from scratch and install new, rebuild your database. You can save your watched status with an add-on and restore it afterwards. This is the recommended way.

You could try to throw the update file in the update folder, reboot twice and hope for the best. If any errors occur, don’t waste your time and start from scratch. This way is neither recommended nor supported.

Thanks for the reply.

So how do you setup your cache folder so it can be on a share vs the OS as i think this might be a faster way for it to rebuild the DB or what is the best method for this.

I take it i cannot do an backup and then restore on the new version ?


That’s how you should do it. Backup and restore. I’m backing up whole storage partition together with ssh keys, entware and cache folder…

tar cpf /storage/5TB/other/backup/“$(date ‘+%Y%m%d%H%M%S’).tar” /storage/

Thanks so this will bring everything over to the new install once you set it up or do you need to configure anything as i have had bad luck on restores over the past.

It will bring everything same as it was in previous installation. Never had a single problem

Thanks alot.

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And it failed got an error and my settings did not go over so yes nothing was installed either.

Was your backup successfuly written to disk? Then from coreelec settings point to this tar file and it have to restore without problem.

Or you could try just ssh ing into your CE setup and copying your .kodi, or just the addons and userdata folders in there. Have done it this way for years without any problems transferring between windows, android and linux. Its a real simple way to do this yourself .

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Do you still need to install the apps that you need or just create the new version. Overwrite with the 3 folders that you stated and reboot ?

Yes it was written to disk 100% as it stated.

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