Migration Question

Hi All,

I would like to know how do i go about from an ODRIOD-C2 v9.2.7 to an ODRIOD-N2+ v19.1 to move my library and settings

Can i just do an backup from the settings and and restore or what is best.


Safest approach would be to have a full backup from CE 9.2, and a clean install of CE 19 on Odroid N2. After that you could restore the backup, but depends how your add-ons were ported from python 2 (CE 9.2) to python 3 (CE 19.xx).
Some of the stuff could be restored easily some of the add-ons may need to be installed / rebuild as new.

Hi @Garcea

Thanks for this. Do i use the built-in Backup or the Backup Add-On for this ?


I used “Create System and Kodi Backup” from Backup in Coreelec tab. Yes, the built-in option. And I performed restore backup from there also. Some add-ons will be inactivated if their maintainer didn’t made the step to python 3.

Thanks alot let me go give this a try later today :slight_smile:

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