Minisatip CI+

According to the instructions, you need to copy the certificates, but this does not work. I can’t create /certs/ in /etc/ssl/ and copy certificate files into it. How can I do that?

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Can you edit the configs of Minisatip CI+ to change its certificates location? And which instructions are you following?

If the certificates path is hard-coded, you can bind /etc/ssl from a writable folder under /storage, like this:

  1. Copy the existing ssl to a writable subfolder under /storage (/storage/etc-ssl-writable here is just for demo, you can change it to whatever you like)
cp -rva /etc/ssl /storage/etc-ssl-writable
  1. Bind the created folder back to /etc/ssl
mount --bind /storage/etc-ssl-writable /etc/ssl

Then you can create folder under /etc/ssl.
To make this persistent, you’ll need to add the command in step 2 to or create a systemd service/mount unit.

If you can change the configs of Minisatip CI+ itself, that would be more easy and less troublesome than bind-mounting like this

Copy certificates in file /storage/.config/cacert.pem and reboot. Maybe it will work then.

Thanks for these hints. Then I got another problem and I will try to solve it. Free channels work fine, but video streaming breaks when installing CI+ module. Something seems to be wrong, or a problem with the TBS5580 driver (Crazycat) or the minisatip application. I hope I find a solution and tell you about it.

Ci + works, compiled on the beelink gt-king pro minisatip itself under Debian, which was installed with Entware. I don’t understand yet what is the problem of starting in the usual way, resetting ci (ca0) does not work. But the main thing is the result. I’ll take a look and hopefully fix the problem.

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