Minix NEO U22-XJ Max doesn't get valid ipadres via ethernet

My Minix Neo is connected to the local network by ethernet cable. This always worked fine untill I upgraded from version 19.5RC3 (with the yellow/blue logon logo) to 19.5.

When I want to connect the Minix with my LAN I receive an invalid ip-adres ( Whatever I try (restore to factory settings, clean install) has no effect. In the meantime the WLAN connection works fine…
Also when I install the previous version (19.5 RC3), everything works fine.
Yesterday I upgraded to Coreelec 20-Nexus and hoped that this would solve the problem, but I still don’t receive a valid ip-adres from my router.

My network contains an Zyxel modem/router from my ISP (LAN DHCP from to Attached to the router I use a Netgear ORBI mesh as a router that generates ip-adresses from to
So the Minix should receive the ip-adres in the range that the ORBI router provides (as it always used to do)
I also use a Bee-link GT-King PRo in the same network without any problems also on 20-Nexus.

When I boot the MInix in android there is also no problem.

At last I connect the MInix by ethernet directly to the the Zyxel modem/router from my ISP and I was surprised that now I received a valid ip-adres…

So only when i use en ethernet cable directly attached to the Netgear ORBI it doen’t work…
Now I hope to receive some suggestions to solve this problem…

Try nightly ce-19 or ce-20.

After installing nightly ce-20 everything works fine again!!! :+1:

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