Minix U22-XJ HDR always active

I posted this same question on the Minix forum.

Strange thing. Upgraded from u9 to u22. Love the speed upgrade but for some reason when the device is on, my TV is always in Dolby Vision. If I disable Dolby Vision, then its always in HDR. Even playing SDR content keeps my TV (LG C7) in HDR or DV. I assume it should be working like the u9. SDR until the media playing triggers HDR or DV. Not sure what would control this. Thanks for any help.

Did you install to internal or running from usb?

Installed on SD card.

iirc you have disable hdr in android before booting CoreELEC.

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Thank you. Exactly what I needed. I appreciate the quick reply.
Now if only we could CoreELEC to play DV files.

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