Minix U22-XJ or Ugoos AM6 Plus

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I have been a long time user of Coreelec on my Minix U1, and now it’s about time to upgrade, and am torn between the two players listed in the topic.

My U1 has been ultra reliable and never had an issue running Coreelec, and so was leaning towards the U22-XJ. However I have read very good reports about the Ugoos AM6 Plus where it has good firmware support, and am now considering that unit.

I understand that the AM6 PLus now has dual boot firmware that first boots into Android, and then via the power button you can boot into Coreelec. The question I have is, can you still install Coreelec on microSD and boot straight into Coreelec? Will there be any potential conflicts? The majority of my use is with Kodi and a small amount on the Android side.

With the U22-XJ, I understand there are still some issues on the Android side, and was wondering if these issues have any effect on running Coreelec via the microSD card?

I was wondering then, if anyone has had experience with these units. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

The provided dual boot system by Ugoos is not supported by Team CoreELEC. We have seen some errors already because of it. You can use ceemmc to create your own dual boot system.

Thank you for the prompt reply.

When you mention errors do you mean when Coreelec is installed by Ugoos and also on microSD card? Or just on the Ugoos side and not on microSD card.

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  1. But there seems to be a drawback making dual boot using ceemmc utility, every time Android has to be updated the CoreELEC (installed as dual boot) should be removed and should be restored after that.
    Is there any other way to achieve this? Am I missing something?

  2. You have said that Ugoos’ dual boot system is not supported by CoreELEC officially, may I ask why? Is there any particular reason?

Please advise…
Thanks in advance.

With the locked bootloader in recent FW releases for the AM6 there are few options. While I would prefer using the paid-for eMMC, I had to admit that booting CE from a fast SD card causes minimum hassle. Make sure you get one with a UHS-II interface.

Can’t say much about the dual-boot option as the partitioning was a bit odd. Very little space available for CE, IIRC. I didn’t bother.

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With the locked bootloader can I boot through CoreELEC from SD card? If yes, it is better as you said.

In the latest version I think the size of the CoreELEC partition in dual boot firmware is increased to 3GB which is just bearable.