MINIX U9 dark playback

Hello all,

I’m new to coreelec.
Installed it on sd-card on minix 9h, all perfect - addons etc.
minix is connected to an old 10 years Philips LCD (Have also a NUC connected to the same TV) and few issues i’ve discovered and can’t fix.

  1. While starting playback from coreelec, the picture is very dark. Increasing contrast to 60+ during playback fixes that. Doing the same on NUC gives normal contrast and brightness and no changes required.

  2. After changing contrast during playback and saving for all media, it doesn’t stay persist and starting new playback has correct settings, but dark picture. It required to go back to settings, move right/left the setting to re-applies the contrast.

Tried on stable 9.2.0 and on latest nightly - same behavior.

Thanks in advance.

Add "echo 'rgb,8bit' > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr" in and reboot

Same result.