Minix U9- H remote not working on first boot

I was having problems with a libreELEC set up so i decided to move to CoreELEC, but after booting up for the first time, my standard remote control does not work so i cannot follow the set up instructions. I remember having similar problems years ago (on a different box i think) but cannot recall what the solution was. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

Thanks. I was about to embark on trying to remember all the tons of stuff i forgot from 3 years ago when i decided to copy and paste remote.conf and s905_autoscript from the LibreELEC boot micro SD to the CoreELEC boot micro SD and i’m relieved to say it seems to have worked. As a bonus, updating to CoreELEC seems to have cured the playback problems i was experiencing under LibreELEC, so my plan to update Kodi has been postponed :slight_smile:

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