MINIX U9-H Standby/Resume

I am trying to setup the MINIX U9-H to go into standby and resume using CEC.
So far using the options in CEC I am able to get the box to shutdown but this doesn’t allow for it to power up again when the TV is switched on.
Ideas please :slight_smile:

Not possible unfortunately, it’s a bootloader issue and our inject_bl301 tool we create to remedy this on newer devices is not compatible with S912.

“Newer devices” which devices are these? There’s a newer Minix that would work?

S905X2/3 and S922X based devices.

I have the same problem on Mecool km9 pro(905x2).
Boxing goes to sleep, but you can’t wake up.

Read up on inject_bl301

I have inject_bl301.
Everything works when I have - Settings / System / Power saving / Shutdown function = Shutdown.

When I have settings - Settings / System / Power saving / Shutdown function = Suspend
Box does not wake up.
The LED is light blue, It should glow blue.

You’re off topic (different box, different CE build)
Search the forum, this was asked and answered multiple times already.