Minix u9 remote file?

I have a minix neo u9h that came with a dinky little remote like below, and its not working.
So a few questions:

  1. I was not able to find the remote file in the CoreELEC 9.0.x Remote files 141 thread nor in poking around on the forum so does anyone happen to have a working file?
  2. I have a older harmony 650 remote, how difficult would it be to get that to work with a u9?
  3. I also have a logitech k400+ bluetooth keyboard/touchpad combo, how hard would it be to get that to work?
    Thanks in advance!

I have a 650, programmed as a Mecool KIII for my H96 Pro. (the mecool has play stop etc) not sure if it would work.

Coreelec now supports remote.conf read this,

I posted instruction for U9H remote here.

Thank you both, I will take a look at them. Cheers