Missing DVB-T channels on KIII Pro


Having a good shielded antenna cable with shielded connectors helps a LOT. The important bits for a stable DVB reception are Signal Strengh and SNR.

These are the ones I’m using. Never had a recepection or scanning problem since I switched to them.


Believe me, I tried everything. Cable isn’t the issue here. Every ohter DVB device in my home works prerfectly. Until I switch the KIII on near to one of them, even if it isn’t connected to anyhing. This device spits out massive amounts of RF interference, and no cable can deal with it.


Having made the same experience with DVB-T2, I still wonder why there are less or no problems with Android. This suggests that something is handled differently in CoreELEC (driver, CPU frequency, etc.).

Does your box emit the same amount of RF interference, when you boot Android?


Yes. No matter what the operating system as soon as I switch it on some channels on the TV stop working, even before the boot procedure completes.


I can only suggest that yours is a dud box since there are many users of this box, and other boxes using the same tuner chips, which are having no issues - including myself. There is no technical solution on the software side to overcome a dud box.



May be, but it looks like I’m not the only one. Apart from this thread I found few other messages on the Internet complaining about the same problem. At least the quality control should be improved. For sure I’m not going to buy another sample just to check it out.


I bought also a KIII Pro last month, I have the same problem on KI PRO but good news for me
Since 8.99.x update of CE, TVheadend could scan successfully the 618Mhz muxes On KI PRO & KIII Pro ! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot