Missing text in Kodi menues


I’m actually migrating from Libreelec to CoreELEC 8.95.2. 1st of all let me say, CoreELEC is really great stuff!

During my tests I found the issue, that many text in video options menue is missing (see picture 1, left side). This happens, if I use the logonscreen in Kodi startup (see picture 2, right side). I’t doesn’t happen if autologin with any user. I’m not shure if this is a Kodi or a CoreELEC issue. Maybe someone here has an idea.

How have you migrated from LE to CE - with clean CE installation ?

It was a clean installation. I also didn’t restore any backup after installation.

Then this will probably be of interest to you :wink:

Oh, yes, good point. Here is the link to my logfile:


For creating it: I booted the box, logged into a userprofile, selected movies in Homescreen and then opened the ‘video options’ side menu (1st picture of my 1st post).