Missing the first seconds of every video because of video mode switch

Hi everyone,
Using a N2 with CoreELEC and everytime i start a video (local, network, add-on) the screen switches off and back on, and the time it takes for this to happen is long enough to miss the first 4~6 seconds of the video.

If i understand correctly, it is due to the Kodi interface being in a different video mode / resolution than the video being played. However, i’ve used Kodi for many years and this has never been such an issue.

My N2 is connected to a Denon AV home cinema amp, and the amp is outputting to a video projector. I don’t know if this is making the problem worse or not, but if there’s anything i could try to smooth this out, it would be nice, as it gets pretty annoying to have the whole picture flicker, turn bright blue, then black, then show the video, while the video’s sound is already playing too…


You should set the GUI Refresh rate to your most commonly used Refresh Rate, typically 60HZ for USA & 50HZ for the Rest of the World. Then if you go to System settings you can adjust ‘Delay after change of refresh rate’, try it with about 3.0 seconds and adjust it as necessary to avoid the video starting before the refresh rate switch. There is no way to remove the switch completely if you want smooth video but these steps should help.

Doesnt work for me.
Ive tried many combinations the settings :frowning:

“Delay after change of refresh rate” does the trick, BUT it does not work correctly since some revision…

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